See what God can do through your generosity.

We would be honored to have you partner, with us in jump-starting our 2020 Glee Church Growth Campaign. 

Our Story

We are a new church for the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.


It has always been our desire to make a tangible and lasting impact on our city. From the launch of Glee Church, our vision was to start a church that serves and blesses the city.


A significant part of our vision is establishing partnerships with authentic people that will serve as the catalyst for our city impact efforts. 

Growth Campaign Goal $50,000


  1. Cover practical needs like 6-9 months of rent for the current facility, equipment, and weekly supplies for our Kids Church. 

  2. Secure a 6,000 square foot facility in the heart of Bowie, Maryland. 

  3. Remodel this facility to be a worship center for our church, children's church and a hub for entrepreneurs to utilize shared workspaces. 


From our start, we have been a church that exists to share the love of Jesus to all people. 


Did you know that 65% of the population in the US has no real church connection?


There is a need for more healthy, spirit-filled churches in every community. Glee Church has been blessed with a diverse church; each Sunday we have an opportunity to minister to families of all races. 


We launched a casual, non-traditional church that members can feel comfortable inviting their friends. Life is better with relationships, right? That's why 47% of America's unchurched is willing to take up a friend's offer to visit their church. 



Growth Campaign, “Daring Faith, Building today for Lives Tomorrow” begins now, to start a master plan for a worship center for our church, children's church and a hub for entrepreneurs to utilize shared workspaces. 

Can you imagine the impact we’ll have in our community and around the world as our campus expands?

Dozens of denominational studies have confirmed that new churches are great at creating a place for new generations. New generations are an under-represented demographic in most churches. Glee Church has been blessed to be a church that ministers each Sunday to several Millennials and Generation Z. 

At Glee Church, our mission is to share the love of Jesus Christ and to reach the unchurched.  



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